A lid unscrambler is designed to convey lids from a bulk hopper in the horizontal plane, up a vertical incline sorting the lids as they travel vertically. As the belt travels vertically it sorts the lids orientating them in the proper direction. The lids that travel upward that are orientated in the wrong direction they will cascade off the belt back to the hopper where they can be re-sorted. As the lids travel vertically on the conveyor, the lids are aligned in a single file format, so they can be conveyed to the packaging filling line. The Unscramblers are designed to run intermittent or continuously, depending on the needs of the filling equipment it is supplying. The Unscrambler design is 100% wash down with all components Meeting FDA and CFIA standards. The unscrambler is driven by a 230 volt, wash down gear box which is controlled by a VFD drive, so speeds can easily be altered to match production needs. Some unscramblers need a blower to help convey or orientate the lids as the exit the discharge chute of the unscrambler, this depends on the size and shape of the lids. The Electrical functions of the unscrambler are easily controlled with a single start stop button. Once the unscrambler is started a photo eye will determine when the unscrambler needs to operate.